types of exercise

Types of exercises : Aerobic/Resistance training/Stretching

Quick links toBenefits of Exercise Aerobic Exercise Resistance Training Exercise Stretching ExerciseCool Down Exercise DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE BASICALLY 3 TYPES OF EXERCISES.Many people in this busy schedule of life dont have enough physical activity and exercise. Basically people need to know the various types of exercise which will help to stay physically fit …

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smoking cessation

Smoking Cessation / Quit Smoking

Smoking cessation is important in the adolescent population because intervention at this time may prevent nicotine dependence and severe health consequences later in life. Psychosocial counselling and medications are effective, and that combinations of the two methods achieve the best results in smoking cessation. BEHAVIORAL CHANGES FOR SMOKING CESSATION  You can make changes in your …

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jaundice in newborn

Jaundice in Newborn / Neonate

KNOW WHAT IS JAUNDICE IN NEWBORN/CAUSES OF JAUNDICE IN NEWBORN / SYMPTOMS / DIAGNOSIS / TREATMENT WHAT IS JAUNDICE IN NEWBORN? “Jaundice” is the word doctors use when a baby’s skin or white part of the eye turns yellow. It is a common condition, particularly in babies born before 38 weeks gestation (preterm babies) and …

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Heartburn or Acid Reflux Problem ?

KNOW ABOUT WHAT IS HEARTBURN/ACID REFLUX GERD / SYMPTOMS/CAUSES/COMPLICATIONS /DIAGNOSIS / FOODS TO AVOID IN HEARTBURN / LIFE STYLE CHANGES/ TREATMENT HOW DOES HEARTBURN FEEL LIKE ? Heartburn is typically described as a burning sensation in the retrosternal area ( behind sternum ), most commonly experienced in the postprandial (after food ) period . When …

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Tips to get Constipation Relief

Know what is constipation / Definition of constipation / Causes for constipation / Foods for constipation / Tips for constipation relief / Home remedies for constipation relief / Diagnosis of constipation / Treatment of constipation . WHAT IS CONSTIPATION ? Many people wrongly assume that they are constipated because they don’t have a daily bowel …

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